I am so sick and tired of hearing "I'm not good with computers" from these god damn secretaries I have to work with.

Fuck you! I mean, seriously, FUCK YOU! That God damn piece of shit Windows XP door stop has been on your desk for at LEAST a decade (shit, I think that was the same PC my highschool had, and I'm in my mid thirties)!

What in the FUCK do you mean you don't know the difference between files and folder? How? HOW can you stare at that damn screen every fucking work day off your life and not grasp simple concepts!

And FUCK THE ADMINISTRATION for hiring these volunteerily ignorant babies who refuse to bother figuring out more than just where the power button is (and, fuck me, even THAT took years).

Fuck me if, after spending 40 God damn minutes of my time trying to guide some secretary, who's been working twice as long as I have and making probably twice as much, on how to copy a file from one folder to another, I have to listen to some fucking pity speech "I just don't get this high tech computer stuff. I'm just too old"

And FUCK society for allowing this fucking behavior! I don't know any other piece of technology where people are happy being so blindly ignorant to even the basics! I don't know Jack shit about the internal working of a car, but I know where and how to use my steering wheel and peddles and that I need to take the thing for an oil change. Hell, I even know when my tires look bad... If I can do that, you can fucking learn how to copy a god damn file without needing me to help you... FOR A FUCKING HOUR!


*Takes a deep breath*
So... How was your day?

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    Yip 100% what I was thinking. Thank you for saving from typing all that.
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    Epic rant 😂
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    @Letmecode if you approve, who but @dfox and @trogus are able to say otherwise 😂😂😂😂
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    @dfox @trogus Wouldn't it be nice with a rant of the month feature?
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    Your pain. I feel it.
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    If you only knew how much I can relate to this rant.
    It's like it came right from my own heart.
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    @Stoner @McSebi we all feel it.
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    Bro! Preaching to the choir make computer literacy mandatory quarterly training! At my job they actually denied someone's education request to take a intro to IT class stating it was not work related. This is a typical silicon valley company that provides free lunch and snacks and tons of perks. I just shook my head and went back to scrolling through devrant
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    I need a way to starr or favorite this rant and come back to it whenever someone asks for the same or similar bs
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    I 100% agree with this rant.

    Computers control every aspect of our lives, you'd think people will take the time to learn it and understand the basics.

    In regards to the car thing. I lot of people think they are a toy and, just like in the case of computers, absolutely refuse to learn the correct usage and rules associated with owning a car. Like you said, these people are not being asked to know what is happening inside the cpu or the engine when in use, just that they learn to use the overall system they way it was intended to work.
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    Don't you mean...

    **5/7 Perfect Score**
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    @katbreitin, Oh yeah, sorry.
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    I ++ when I saw "I'm not good with computers".

    I have a client who said this line every time she speak to me. God dammit! You ask me the same question everyday and you always begin with "I don't know what to do, I'm not good with computers".
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    @krlooss on mobile, there is a "favorite" text link on the bottom right of the rant, which will save it to your profile
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    But yeah, basic computer literacy is scary in some people. My mother has been using various home computers that we've had in the house since 1989, almost 30 years of computer use, and she still can't figure out basic shit. Now when she asks for help, I ask if she's tried googling it first. "I'm just not good with computers" is no longer a valid excuse when there are YouTube videos walking you through every single little step for pretty much everything.
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    @trogus thanks, hadn't seen it although I was looking for it. 'stupid users'... Or maybe it is not very easy to catch
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    @krlooss it's pretty subtle, would make sense to throw it into the ... More menu too just in case
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    Thanks for saving me from typing it! 😊😊 We need key caps for keyboard that conduit small voltages.
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    @bendr good point. I bet this is the audience that made google add the "I'm feeling lucky" button
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    The excuse of "I'm too old" really just means "I'm too lazy". I knew a professor in his 70's who taught Ruby on Rails and would often encourage Git and Heroku to be paired along side it.
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    ++ for fuck society
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    Teach them to Google.
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    @Deserter Teaching some1 who doesnt know the difference between a file and a folder (!) how to open the browser and google stuff is like teaching some1 aerospace engineering because they want to fold a paper airplane.
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    @Numinex go to the filer and set it to highest rated of the month?
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    @zombie01 Hm, didn't realize you could do that. Thanks.
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    I relate to this on an unreal level
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