Summer: when I wake up automatically at 6am but forced to decide whether to work from home or commute to the office

... because I want nice food and to go outside at lunch time

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    ... and I wanted to see what happens if I upload a 360 photo to devRant
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    how are you even able to work after looking at the scenery? my condolences
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    @asgs I remind myself, I'm lucky to have a job that's sorta flexible enough to pick whether I WFH or not "as needed".

    Also helps I have a managerial window seat though I'm not a manager....

    Top floor but problem is I mostly see the other building...
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    @billgates haha. is your building having only one floor? I could pretty much see all the other buildings standing tall
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    Looks a lot like Helsinki, really beautiful view.
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    @asgs 😕 not sure what you mean?

    It has 8 floors?
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    @JoshBent rich people area of the city.
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    @billgates well, the picture you posted I believe is taken from the place you sit. So if all you are seeing are other buildings nearby, the building you are in should be pretty short. As in just one floor 😜
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    @asgs oh no, that was from the outside.
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    @billgates What happens if you upload a 360 photo to devRant? Apparently it gets crippled by compression.
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    @2ndAttmt but not horizontally cropped
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    @asgs o I happened to find an inside shot I took a few days ago...lol
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