Two days ago I went to change an Nvidia driver on my Linux mint partition and it ended up breaking everything, all my fault because I'm so new to Linux, anyways to dig that hole deeper I looked for ways to fix it, found some random command that managed to destroy mint even more lol. I had no start menu and cinnamon kept going into recovery mode.

But the next day after spending time working through what to do I managed to fix it, I basically downloaded mintmenu again and uninstalled the graphics driver

All in all I think I've come closer to learning how fun Linux is, it was fun fixing what I broke rather than actually clean installing mint again.

Morale of the story: don't randomly use commands found on the net that has 3 upvotes lol

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    And be careful with Nvidia drivers...They don't play nice for some reason. I've had the same experience 😁
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    The lesson I've learned with Linux+nvidia is that if by some luck it happens to work, you let it be and pray it stays that way
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    I never managed to get the installer from the nvidia site working. There was always some error in the setup that screwed everything up. The package in the Ubuntu repos works fine though.
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    I have banged my head far too many times to fix issues I have had with Linux. Sometimes I feel that I should move to Mac for the lack of a better option.
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    @Forside this is the tutorial that I used to get the Nvidia proprietary drivers to work, it worked the first time I think second time around I just installed the wrong drivers

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    The fuck up when it comes to Linux and Nvidia mainly happens at laptopt which have a Intel processor with Intel HD Graphics and a dedicated Nvidia GPU (if you have this setup running: tell me!)
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    @pascalwacker it was more so that I had an Nvidia driver installed and I think it didn't uninstall when I went install the new one.

    I do have a laptop and I think it may have Intel graphics but that doesn't seem to be the actual issue, what I wanted to do after I realized things went south was revert back to the nouveau drivers but because of the Nvidia installer they had blacklisted nouveau.

    Anyways back to nouveau until I decide to try Nvidia again
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