How to put dark theme on Windows?
Do not suggest using Linux, I am a gamer and dual boot is a pain.
I already have dark theme everywhere, Chrome, IDEs, and even my phone... its just Windows that hurts my eyes. :-/

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    Go to settings and under UI you'll find Theme option. Change it to black and restart the app
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    Google for third party themes and UltraUXPatcher (I think that's what it's called) and make sure that they are compatible with your Windows version
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    Also, install f.lux
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    Use Linux .... Sorry 😀
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    I don't see the problem with dual boot.
    Besides being a programmer (obviously, duh) I am also a gamer.
    Dual boot on my system works well. Takes maybe 3 seconds more for the whole boot process.

    And as a plus: if you try to develop you just boot Linux and are not distracted by those shiny game icons on your desktop 😉
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    @byIcee there's Night Light in Windows Creators Update
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    @byIcee no need for that anymore, that feature is built in to windows now.
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    @CorruptComputer your method worked. It's ugly but cool.
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    @olback i tried it but its weird for me. Don't know why
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