That moment you read a stupid rant, check the profile and realize it's just an Microsoft developer.

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    That moment when you read a stupid rant check the profile and its a node.js developer
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    That moment when a js developer tries to bother a node.js developer.
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    That moment when... Oh screwit!

    C-c-c-combo BREAKER!
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    The moment you realize you have no fucks to give. But I'm cool with all devs.
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    This oughtta be a safe place for all devs. We all have to squirm and make miracles happen despite management, marketing and sales. Be cool.
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    Just fun, I'm fine with all developers :-)
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    That moment when you read a rent and this rent have been created by.. Yea me. So at this same moment I just delete the rent, my account, sell my pc, my house and go live with Zuckerberg.
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