What was the weirdest thing you've done to get WiFi?

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    I used to drive slowly around my neighborhood at night with a laptop on the passenger seat, hunting for unprotected networks. Then I would park in front of somebody's front yard staying inside the car for hours like a shady creep.
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    Is internet that expensive in your area?
    In my native city too, the internet is relatively expensive. But now I stay in a metro city. Too much competition between ISPs. So relatively cheaper. Around $20 USD per month for 10mbps unlimited net. It does get slow sometimes during weekends.
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    Hack my neighbor's WEP wifi.
    Also, got her phone number by doing this ;)

    (That happened 7 years ago, when I was young, stupid and broke)
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    Until the ISP sent a technician to install the cables I used to get in the elevator and go flor by flor searching for unprotected networks ... It was a weird week ...
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    I was at a bar with no connection...I scanned through the WiFi in the area.
    I might or might not have found a couple of ISP-given router that happen to have a default password that is a plain hash of the automatically generated default network name.
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    #1: Booted ancient Win 8.1 to get the password of my neighbor which I had years ago.
    #2: Used Microchip to get MACs and bypass MacFiltering.
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    You wold not believe me, but I'm paying for 300megabit internet 5$/month
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    Years ago, smartphones were no where around, moved to uncle's house with no wifi. On an old computer catched neighbour wifi. Actually learned how to hack it with backtrack just by bringing printed out short version of "how to do it" from hone. Took me 4 hours to capture enough packets to crack the passwd.
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    Everybody be like:

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