When people tell me their problems I immediately start coming up with solutions when really they just want sympathy.

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    Yeh this was killing my relationship until I realised what I was doing. Oops
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    And thinking that there should be an app or a startup to solve their problems 😂
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    @luper same was happening to me. I programmed (dry laugh) my head to listen and then immediately supply an answer.

    Had to learn how to keep quiet and nod my head.
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    But I prefer a friend who immediately comes up with solution instead of "okok... I feel you. Life is hard. But don't give up" when I need help :)
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    IMO, there are two solutions to your problem:

    One is to simply make friends who love to have rational rather than emotional talk like you do.

    Another possible solution is to just listen to them, and ask how they feel about it, and say something that is related to how they feel.

    For example :
    Your friend: "It says I don't have permission to print the file"

    Then you should say:
    "I feel you. You must feel sad, right? Life is hard, especially when we don't have permission to do what we want. But, I am here for you and take care of you"
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    @ragnarr023 *nods head* I understand man.
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    A lot of programmers are like this. Take a personality test, I bet you're all INTJ's.
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    @JaredDunn Emotions? Eww, and so pointless.

    @Florens That's me.
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    @Florens hey it's me ur brother
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    @Florens ENTJ broo
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    Thanks @spacem, I showed this post to my gf she recognized it immediatly. I'll try to work on it.
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    @luper would we look alike IRL?
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    @japsel The potential is there, But I think gentics has slightly more variations than devRants avatats so I have my doubts.
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