So how has coding impacted my life?

I lost 54 kgs. My girlfriend I mean.

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    Must have been a huge boner, 54kg... jk 😉
    No, I'm sorry man... happened to me too some weeks ago. I was "coding too much". Sry if you don't like what I like, ex-darling...
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    @qbasic16 erm mine runs on a closed circuit. For your health I hope yours does too 😶
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    @qbasic16 coding > girl :D ... cheers :D
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    Well, time to give that army of recruiters on LinkedIn a job.
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    downvote for making me cry.... sorry...... (of course I will not - -)
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    @rc5-asdf haha :D
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    @rc5-asdf now I'm laughing even more :D. Good luck putting on some more weight :).
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