Why there are so many commercials about driving safe, but none about exploiting the dangers of downloading random software from phishy sites?

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    Because downloading shit from sketchy websites doesn't endanger the lives of everyone near you.
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    @jhh2450 Is that so? What about ransomware, identity theft, or other types misusage of personal data? It should really be a topic, especially for the elder population.
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    @m0ni maybe because you are destined to do that! ;)
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    @m0ni It is a topic. Just because it's not mainstream doesn't mean it's non-existent. However, you're more likely to use your car (especially elders) than you are to download sketchy software from sketchy websites. Car wrecks are still more frequent and have more negative endings than downloading bs software does.

    It's all about the numbers, and car safety has worse numbers (worse as in higher fatality and so on) than identify theft, stolen data, ect.
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