There should be image-whiteness-check when posting images. It hurts so much when mostly white images throws white spears to my eyes while I scroll in dark theme unprepared for war with the white side.

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    It happens so often!
    I have a dark terminal and dark theme almost everywhere I can (Solarized Dark). I have to look something up on the internet and... FLASH! ... suddenly I get blinded by the extreme white that Edge is.

    I wish there could be a way to stop this. I also wish RStudio would allow for the entire interface to become dark. It only allows for the console to change palette.
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    @gjkf Wait... people use Edge? Lol
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    @jhh2450 Apparently yes :P Works rather well to be completely honest. Chrome just sucks up waay too much RAM. Plus the integration with Cortana can be useful.
    I tried Firefox but does not really handle too well high DPI screens. Vivaldi is too slow, Opera is meh. Then I was too lazy to look further :P
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    @gjkf I tried it the first day I got my new laptop, and it's just not my cup of tea. (And I have a dark theme for Chrome to save my eyes lol).
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    @jhh2450 Dark Chrome you say? Hmm... I might reconsider it after all...
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    @gjkf It's called "Care your eyes" and is in the chrome store
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    @gjkf Firefox with FT Deepdark theme is 👌(also, I set the default background for webpages to gray, it helps a little)
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