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    Step 1: Turn off any intellisense and debug tools.
    Step 2: Code all day without running the code.
    Step 3: Push everything to the build server and avoid looking at the result.
    Step 4: Go home.


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    *like a project manager
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    *like a unemployed
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    Like a former colleague, except he pushed to production Friday 17:05.

    We close at 17:00.

    Busy Saturday morning when a movie theater client could not sell any tickets.
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    Step 5: Get notification whilst eating dinner.
    Step 6: "Oh, it's the boss."
    Step 7: After ears stop ringing, fire up jobs site...
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    Exactly why I implemented gated check-ins.
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    Not a problem, without Intellisense you waited the whole day for No LOC changed.
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