So this dev writes me an email following a blog post I wrote for their job that they "have an error" - they don't show any output, what the error message is or anything. How can I help if you dont specifically state your problem? I'm not going to do your job for you!

and now its finally come full circle: they said they asked chatgpt and bard but it "just didnt work" - well yeah, those were trained on internet content from over a year ago - the api and tools have changed!

painful and annoying times ahead i'm afraid

you still need to do the damn work, i will stand by the fact that LLMs are overhyped non-panacea till i'm dead

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    Isk if Bard and GPT can replace you as the 🤡 dev duck.

    Or just write a simple forward bot. Anything he sends you - forward to GPT, and replay the answer back to 🤡. Replace the "as an AI model..." with "can't help now. try later". put a 2-5 min delay.

    See how long it takes until 🤡 figures it out.
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    Don’t answer?
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    To be fair, chat GPT shines when you use it for UI. It literally did the full UI for my iOS app, but can agree with op as it's sucky for debugging
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