So I went out to a country bar with some friends to dance... and my friend told some random dude I was a developer for some reason and he approached me with his grand idea for an app...😂

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    Ive honestly never heard one that I thought was even slightly good, they make me puke.

    At my campus we are right next to a fashion-design study(nice sight don't me wrong). But in like their second year they all need a portfolio-website. At this time
    My studies Facebook wall gets spammed to pieces by these fucking fashion-skanks that wont even talk to 99% of us. They all want us to make their websites for exposure, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MAH HOUSE.
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    Lemme' guess - he will pay you with the millions that will flow in instead of upfront. True?
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    @Jumpshot44 of course never fails.
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    True story, that. Can't tell you how many times someone has tried to get me in on their million dollar idea! None of them are millionaires yet, so hasn't been much of a loss for me.
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