Two days ago I had a particularly retarded conversation with my father.

Father: Have you heard of [insert some language that will probably die in half a year]?

Me: Never heard of it.

Father: I talked with a friend yesterday and he said people pay millions for it.

Me: And?

Father: You have to learn it.

Me: *At this point trying not to facepalm* I don't think that's a good idea.

Father: Why?

Me: *begins explaining how the industry changes quickly, underused languages die out or how there simply aren't many materials on them*

My father then started shouting at me, saying that I don't listen to him and that his friend (who does stock trading for living) knows what's trending right now. Couple that with the fact that I was sick in bed when this random event happened, it led to me wanting to, ever so slightly, fucking kill myself.

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    I bet it is cobol.
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    @maltedMilk You're right, he does support my career choice and I do respect him.

    It's just, when someone says you should study "Ethereum Solidity" when you want to be a web developer, I can't really say yeah sure...
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    @CozyPlanes I was thinking the same 😂
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    You need to learn about the art of deflection. Let me demonstrate:
    D: You need to learn parseltounge. My friend says it is rewarding.
    You: OK. Sure, Dad. I'll look into it tomorrow.
    You: Dad, I looked up about this parseltounge. Aparently, you have to be born as Harry Potrer to learn in. Maybe in my next birth. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    I feel you. My dad's in civil engineering and he wrote a program in Fortran to calculate bending moment back in the days. Just yesterday he told me that Fortran is "widely used" and I should know it. Good for me, he's now porting it to C++
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