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I hate every human on the planet that says WFH is just people pretending to work or are slackers looking for an easy way out.

Now the story bit.

In 2021, I joined a company (I really wish I could name-drop the company), where the micromanagement was OFF THE CHARTS.

The company got a client who pitched a product they wanted built and gave us a super reasonable 3 months to complete it. I was really happy about the timeline and kept working under keystroke monitoring, which I didn't really mind at the time.

3 days into the development, the client informed us that they are pulling the funding i.e. they don't have money to pay us.

So at that point the client gave us two choices:

1. Stop the development right away and get paid for the time that we put in already.
2. Finish the project under 9 days. We would still get paid for the 12 days total, mind you. Not the original budget set.

So the motherfucking boss chose the second option and then the chaos ensued.

Devs screaming at each other on calls/slack. The boss yelled at us all the time about the completion. It was wild.

I had to wake up at 7:30 AM and start coding and log off at 11 PM for literally the next 9 days including Saturday and Sunday. No holidays allowed for the timeline. This was all at a WFH job.

So fuck anyone that says WFH is easy and just for slackers.

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    The estimation was three months but you guys delivered in 12 days? Very stripped down version? Skipped automated tests?
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    @retoor they probably had to stripdown themself b/c of the fast pace ;}
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    @retoor Somehow we pulled it off with some manual testing from a QA guy in the team. They usually do the not-null testing.
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    @We3D Yeah pretty much. I finished the deliverables and hauled my ass outta there. Never turning back to these companies again.
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    Not rant and not story?
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    @electrineer I don't really know how i learned to write like that. I have seen some people do it this way. And it is platform specific too.
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