"Dad, just because the envelope has 'USA' printed on it doesn't mean that it's a job offer from Google" :/

Thanks @trogus & @dfox for the stickers.
- With love from India

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    Haha! Enjoy :)
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    How long did it take you? I've been waiting for months 😥
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    @dfox I wondered; does one get an email back before the stickers get send out? also @spoonsearch did you get one?
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    I'm the only one, who didn't get. :(
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    @JoshBent You do get an email. My stickers took maybe 2 weeks after the email to arrive, but my stress ball only took about 4 days so it really depends on how well the post works lol
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    For india, how long does it take after the email?
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    I send the email on 30th May, received acknowledgement on 10th June and today (8th July) I received it.
    My location Mumbai, India
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    @Faraaz یه ماهی طول میکشه نگران نباش
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    @milad I've lived in middle East for most of my life but I never really bothered to learn Arabic. I was lazy like that. Sorry 😅
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