I find coding is the best way to alleviate boredom on a plane.

Not because I enjoy coding that much, but because there are two types of people:
1) Those who know what programming is and who will ALWAYS ask about it interested. (Conversation starter)
2) Those who don't know what it is and just assume you're hacking the plane!

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    Number 2 must be enjoyable as well watching them peeps freaking out
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    @hitchhiker42 Oh somehow it is more entertaining than the code! (And I love to code.).

    I did stop once when I realized the woman next to me was a little too freaked out and I was legit scared she was about to get the police called or something :|
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    To have a conversation starter in a flight to/from/in America, just put a turban on and start coding.
    The people speaking to you will probably be security guards and/or undercover agents, but you'll get a ton of attention from the other people on the plane ;)
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    Go all the way, kneel down and start chanting "Allahu Akbar".
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