Just finished 2nd year of uni and got a summer placement doing game Dev. I walked in to be the most experienced person there because I am the only one doing it.

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    Damn I had the extact experience a year ago. Now I always ask about the colleagues I come to work with before accepting a job. You still learn a shitton by solving problems yourself, but it's way nicer to actually get taught something by someone with experience. Good luck!
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    @marthulu yeah I actually don't mind it. I'm getting paid enough, I work the hours I want. It's only a start up and they can't really employ a lot of people. I'm there to get the ball rolling. It's responsibility I've never had before which is nice
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    @Fearghal That's pretty cool, always good to experience different stuff.
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    I'm experiencing the same thing right now. I got hired as an intern to improve my Java skills. The only developer there left 2 days after I got the job and now that I'm the only one there with any form of back end experience I have to work without supervision...... using PHP😒
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    @mr-monkey oh that does not sound fun... I actually enjoy my placement it's just not what I had expected
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