Walk into mall, bring my child to kids zone. They have free wifi 中
Accessing -> Scanning -> Got Ya! -> Brute Force -> Cracked!
There you're.
Now I can monitoring my kid while reading rant!
Just normal day in my life

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    Really? How young is your kid, and why don't you trust them?
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    4 and 6 yrs old.
    I trusted them, just din trust myself
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    You still won't be able to read anything they send over https.
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    Yes, No kidding bro
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    Instal your SSL cerificate as trusted on their device, and create a man-in-the-middle proxy. You'll be able to monitor the https traffic too. Cheers.
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    @aldoblack That's a great suggestion, but I think you wanted to post it as a rant instead of a comment? seems so random.
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