ABC 80.

It was a Swedish computer in the 80s.

Used basic as main shell like c64 but its editor was worse than edlin if any one remembers that.

You could not use arrow keys to go to a line to change it but had to type a command like edit 80 to retrieve the line in an editor prompt.

It also lacked a lot of common basic commands.

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    Apparently I'm a "youngster" who went to school when they had compis computers.
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    @slar They came a little later yes but I never got a chance to test them.

    ABC80 spanned 78-~85 and compis came 82.

    My school already had their ABC and when I got to gymnasium they had PC and a Micro VAX.
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    @Voxera of you're interested, I can put you into contact with a guy who bought up Luxor's entire surplus of ABC related computer lines. He's made a living from servicing different system installations. They are apparently still in use in certain places in the world.
    He might want to get rid of a machine or two, haha.
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    Oh. Old people talking.
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    @kilobytelogic I think I'll pass on that ;)
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    @PaddiM8 lolololol
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