How do people deal with this.

Customer: my trial is finished, and I dont have a bank card?

What do I do say post me the money every month send it by pigeon mail?

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    Everyone can get a bank card, you just need a bank account. If he hasn't got a bank account say bye bye to him. Not worth the hassle.
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    @helloworld pretty sure it's just your typical web user wants everything for NOTHING I mean this isn't a job web development is it? we do it just for the fun of it don't want any money in return and are happy to go through the pain of development for fuck all just the satisfaction of building stuff for others is enough!!!!!!! Ahahahahaha RANT!!
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    If they need it enough they will pay. Experienced it with expiring 30 day trials for some great software I marketer.
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    @Jumpshot44 I really wish you could just be brutal and honest but you have to respond with some kiss arse response In case they take offence and go out of their way to give a ridiculous review based on the fact they can't be arsed to pay!
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