Oracle database with PL/SQL, heavy use of triggers, and viewception.

Sure, let's take what's supposed to be a data store, embed shitloads of logic in it, make sure everything has side effects, and ensure nothing is ever straightforward.

Untracable, impossible to debug and overall a mess of epic proportions!

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    What is wrong with PL/SQL? It is pretty much necessary with any decent size database that isn't used as if it was glorified Excel spreadsheet.

    I will agree that debugging those is PITA, mostly due to lack of good IDE.
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    It's near impossible to debug, and in this case is used not because it's the best solution, but because it's the only solution that was considered. 90% of it could be moved to the application server and it'd be significantly faster.

    And it's written by people who don't really understand it (I don't claim to either, mind), and ends up mauling the language, the data, and in general just making things nearly impossible to maintain and secure.

    Oh, and the vendor lock in doesn't help either now that Oracle is doing another round of licensing "revision" (Customer screwing money drive!)
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