Python 2. Python is an awesome language, but Python 2. No. I want to die.
It's deprecated as of 2018, so get your shit together and update your fucking libraries, community!

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    Don't blame the community when you are one of them. Why don't you do a PR with support for python 3!?

    BTW, what is the library you are worried about?
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    They should have known Python 3 would be a difficult transfer. Only Python programmers would be lazy enough to start a war over not using parenthesis on print.
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    @Zennoe some tool help with the procedure.... But nothing of completely automatic.

    The real problem is String in Python 3 is with UTF-8 automatic codification, when String in Python 2 are actually Byte-Array of Char and the codify is external or ASCII...
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    import __future__, probably some py2to3 lib... some stuff. Idk.
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    @chadd17 some handwritten code is also needed, nothing of magical.... :c
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