Sometimes I wish my girlfriend was able to write code so we could talk and share our code and thoughts.

Sometimes I thank God she finds it the most boring thing on Earth and we get to talk about other things and decompress.

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    Girlfriend 😢
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    Google: "girlfriend"
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    There are friends/colleagues for the first part.

    Keep work out of releationships :)
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    @pl4net i was confused about the term "girlfriend" but when you said relationships it became clearer for me, its something database related.
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    @Codex404 just run npm install girlfriend, but be warned, they have shitloads of dependencies.
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    @tmux omg there actually is girlfriend on npm:
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    I can tell you: most of the time it is a blessing but sometimes it can be a curse.

    I mean, it is great that my wife and I can talk about coding problems and how to solve them. You can complain about clients and find real understanding. You can have private projects together and talk about new features in languages etc.

    But sometimes it is just creepy. If you are just thinking loud and don't make any sense to yourself but suddenly the person next to you give you a solution.
    Or if you are with non-technical friends and make a technical comment/joke about something and the only people not looking totally lost are you and your partner...
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    I would like that.... my wife is a teacher. I love and respect her and her work but when she wants me to share my work toughts... damn.... tried once.. sounds good... doesnt work....@DelError
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    @FintinaM i have this with my parents, when I tell them how my day was they dont understand anything. But if I dont they think Im not happy because Im not sharing.
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    Yeah, the rants can be endless if you share this profession, but most of the time I love it anyway
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    You should try 7-zip for decompression of almost anything (I think).
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    Ok.. My boyfriend writes what he wants me to cook in Code 🙃
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