My laptop feels complete again. I'm back up to 32gb RAM after being down to 8 for a few months...

Now i can have all the virtual machines open without worrying about maxing out my system... time to go break things while I learn what they do! 😄

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    Which RAM?
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    @pokemanicx the one on the left. The special kind.
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    My desktop is a second gen i3
    My laptop is a pentium dual core (first gen), has no keyboard, screen,.... Well still has a good battery
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    @pokemanicx I went with gskill this time. My friends were all trying to convince me to use corsair, but since I don't *need* the RAM, I couldn't justify the extra cost right now. I had it before I managed to cause physical damage to it somehow and was happy with it. (Somehow= mistakenly trusted a friend with my laptop unsupervised and suddenly display stopped working, RAM was shot, and there was a mobo issue that I didn't fully identify. They only had a temp account and hadn't even logged in yet)
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