My team's "Scrum" daily stand-up meeting lasts for 1 hour. We spend the first 30 minutes listening to the Product Owner's "updates"

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    There is a long twitter discussion about how creative coding work turns out to be digital factory, but they still missed the pseudo-military aspect now that I think about it. While we have no guns, no uniforms, and don't need to stand to attention in a physical way, there is hierarchy and a mentality of don't question the CEO / founder / team lead in many companies, no matter big or small.


    Now I'm self-employed, but when I join corporate projects as a freelancer, I am often expected to join their daily standup / status morning meetings at least remotely which still feels like adding no value except acknowledging someone's authority.
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    How do they have enough relevant material to talk about for half an hour every day....? I mean.. How???
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    @netikras maybe everyone has to tell a story about a tricky bug they managed to fix which took several hours longer than expected, whether made up or not
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    @fraktalisman western militaries have feedback chains.
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    Read it many times. PO must not participate in daily scrum.


    I think some Atlassian sources even state that just the presence of a PO can easily turn it in a status meeting and advice to keep them away.
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