My dad asked a facebook group for help decoding a calibration script I wrote for the new 3D printer, instead of just asking me, and every single person yelled at him that "oh that's so dangerous if you didn't write it yourself don't run it, if you can't manually write gcode sell your printer" etc.

why are these groups always full of degenerate assholes? (and why do they legitimately think calibrating a printer has to be done by manually writing bits to the EEPROM with a needle, or it's not worth having a printer?)

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    My guess, it's because their ego's get Hurt because there is an easier solution than their masochistic way of doing the calibration...
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    Life is pretty tough if you only run code that you have written yourself...
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    why didnt you comment on that with something like:

    "I wrote it, and he could've asked me directly, since i'm his son"

    probably would've resulted in peak comedy
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    Group mechanic.

    Egoistic whiny little bitches who think they are almighty cling together.

    Mostly to scratch each other's eyes out as they have no life.

    One could feel regret for them, but don't. They're just sore losers whose only joy in life is to belittle someone who has not the same (self perception, not realistic) superiority as them
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