Ever since I've discovered devRant, I use my avatar as profile picture on other sites as well.

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    Let's not trying this on meeting sites
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    Serious question: is this a function devRant provides (like export profile picture)?
    Or did you just take a screenshot?
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    @mngr Any non-professional site has this as avatar. I don't care about dating sites, they ask nud3s at first message anyway... 😆
    @SlyCoopers That'd be quite awesome if you ask me...
    @DelError I use the Win10 app of @JS96 and has an export/save avatar on my profile.
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    @DelError Yeah you can save/export your avatar from the profile page.
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    Nice. Good to know. Thanks.
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    Haha, I've seen a lot of people do that.

    The other day I happened to just see someone using theirs on LinkedIn lol.
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    @dfox Haha, I would have done that, weren't I in dire need of finding a job. That place is bloated with recruiters, opinion makers and God knows what else that has lost its original purpose.
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