Wear a pink glitter dress, choose the light theme of the IDE and be still taken seriously as a dev - then you truly mastered your art!

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    @iridic now i am curious about the dress... Pink is a very delicate color, it can be perfect, or it can be ugly to grotesque proportions.
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    Haha actually it was more of a general idea. Personally i dont like pink too much but i do like to wear dresses, makeup and stuff. Which of course sometimes triggers the question if i am an assistant, designer or a sales person.
    I really enjoy though that I can dress up on one day and come in a gamer hoodie the next :))
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    @iridic wear in what you feel comfortable with, don't ket anyone dictate you what to wear... Whay mattzrs is inside your head, how that works, not your slavery produced apparel.
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    If you are a woman that's doable. If you are a guy you really have to be some sort of God to be taken seriously in a pink glitter dress.
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    I like suits. Living in Israel, suits are weird because they don't really fit the weather. I guess wearing them is probably just as odd as wearing a dress is for a woman.
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    I always thought the proof of being a God like programmer was to not use source control.
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