So...about companies having way to big expectations on their job ads descriptions: Me being the new guy in all of this, of course I'm looking for more informations on the field everywhere. One day I came across a video on youtube posted by Eli the Computer Guy, and he was describing (caricaturing) this exact problem. You should look it up.
I'm not sure if he himself is a valuable source/resource of knowledge, but it did help me to understand this problem to some extent.

Hope it helps you too.

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    The reason why I am writing about the high expectations is the following:

    I don't want to scare a senior, they wouldn't go to a company where there aren't high standards.

    But even if you don't match all the things, apply anyway. If you are motivated and they have the resources they may train you.
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    @plusgut well, this was more about the entry level/ junior positions where they ask for knowledge of a high number of technologies, and a number of years of working experience.

    But the part of applying anyway is the exact point of my post. You never know what they will really be satisfied with, and how much are they willing to invest in you.
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    @nikola1402 oh okay, didn't know that it was a junior position which we were talking about.

    What I would recommend is, that you apply and then see if they will be satisfied with your current skillset.

    And how much they are willing to invest in you, you can ask that in the interview.

    The only thing that is important is, be completely honest and don't fake anything.

    I turned down a lot of people because they were lying. With such a person you can't work with.
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    @plusgut Considering the fact that senior developers are already familiar to some extent how these thing work, i think that people looking to get into industry at smaller level jobs are getting easilly scared by the height of the bar that some companies set. For the long time i've thought that if I don't have EVERYTHING they ask for, that i would be dismissed.
    Realizing these things sets my mind at ease.

    Having someone from the other POV in this case comment here is really appreciated, thank you
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    @nikola1402 you are welcome, and I wish you the very best of luck :)
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