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    Don't have a family is what I am hearing from this.
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    No side projects?

    That’s what devs DO.
    Fuck this person and the cow they rode in on — which is probably their sister.
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    sus af tbh.
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    Run in the opposite direction
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    Theoretically, as long as you're doing okay during your work hours, it shouldn't matter much what you're doing with the rest of your time. In practice, however, I'd say one would only have the energy for personal projects and/or freelancing if the day job is something super easy going.
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    Prepare for Overtime, and make that double!
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    You can have side projects if you don't feel distracted by them
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    Massive red flag. Run for the hills.

    It *could* be that they've just had an issue with the previous employee doing side projects in work hours, but I suspect it's much more likely that they want work to be your #1 priority, whether it's rain, shine, 3 in the afternoon on a work day, or 3 in the morning on Christmas day. There's enough opportunities around at the mo that the risk simply isn't worth taking.
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    Please share the post so we can spam the recruiting company :D
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    It's like having a relationship where your partner prohibits you to masturbate or look at porn.

    I could survive monogamy, but sometimes after going down on PHP for a whole night, I just want to type some really perverted things in Haskell, or get a quick Rusty handjob, you know?
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    But seriously.

    "No other jobs" is fair, if they're paying a competitive full-time salary.

    For me, there's a clause in my contract which states that I have to inform and get approval from my employer if I expect to spend more than 10 hours in a month performing paid labor elsewhere.

    So quickly setting up a Discord bot for someone and getting a $20 tip, no issue.

    "No side projects" -- should be "We encourage working on side projects to help you grow as a developer. You can reserve x hours per month during office hours for this"

    Good companies organize hackathons, and have a learning budget for developers to be spent on books/courses/conferences/etc.

    Good companies also understand the importance of brand prominence and participation in the open source community.
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    Sounds like where I am working now
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    Freelancing == personal projects? What.

    Sounds like they had somebody doing their own stuff on company time and didn't like it.

    Raise RedFlag("Surveillance and micro manage much")
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    @Root Your comment almost made me burst out my morning coffee 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Big red flag of #WeOwnYouAndAllYourCode

    Read this rant - https://devrant.com/rants/4763084/...
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    Huuuuge red flag. Like a tinder date demanding you not to be on tinder while dating.
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