So back to the stories of the gentleman with his master's degree who's job I wasn't qualified for. Hope you all enjoy this gem I found in his stored procedure.

Select distinct *
Select * from a inner join b on a.id=b.id
Select * from a full join b on a.id=b.id
Where b.id is null

An inner join unioned to a full join where you exclude null values in right table creates a.....left join you fucking idiot!

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    You need a master's degree for SQL?
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    @mightyleguan he was hired as an advanced data analyst. Works for a department that distributes dashboards and bi related tools to end users, mainly management.
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    Doesn't it include null values of right table? So it would be right join?
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    @sSam nope. Left join is all records in left table and any that match b table. When you do a full join and include where b is null you eliminate all records where a and b match as well as all rows that have b and not an a. This leaves you with all of the a table that doesn't have match in b table.
    The top innerjoin gives you the ones that match. Combine the data sets with union and you have a left join.
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