Been working in Linux server for a while, doing devOps and basic task automation with bash.

Today I have to write some .bat task for backup and moving files in Windows first time against .bat . What the hell was this people thinking when they made the .bat sintax is just awful. I understand is old but why. And tried also powershell still crap.

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    Try to create a script in python or node instead.
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    Install the Linux sub system of windows and make bash script?
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    Ye I wish I could do any of that, no possibility to install extra soft in this computer so I just went with bat took me longer i'm Not proud of me but its works hahaha
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    git bash, or mingw64 bash ftw.
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    >I understand is old but why.

    Unix shell syntax is even older and though flawed still works fine. PowerShell is great and shines when used for Windows administration but I cannot say I fancy its syntax either.
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    To be honest I don't like shell scripting any more than .bats
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    . Bat was cool when you could use all the commands...
    Now days most stuff don't work and it's shitty using vars...
    Used to love to make small scripts on the old ms-dos till windows 98.
    Even had my game launcher made in scripts, till my brother made one in C with a gui
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