I’m a .NET desktop fullstack dev these days… Never worked web unless for my own small needs/personal projects.
I started using tech one way or the other by the time windows was version 3.1 and been through quite a bit ground-breaking changes in the industry of software development and the internet but if there’s one thing I cannot understand of it all, no matter how much thought I put into it is: How the fuck did we manage to make it so fucking complicated to develop anything these days?
I remember like it was yesterday that you could stand a website with HTML, CSS and JS, three fucking files and you’ve made yourself a single page site. Then came the word “Responsive”, “Responsive” written everywhere. Fair enough, grid system popped up. All of the sudden jQuery was summoned… and everything that happened after this point has been a fucking circus of high-pitched teens talking on conferences about fucking libraries and frameworks to make integration with real time, highly scalable, eco-friendly, serverless, data driven, genome aware, genderless, quantum technologies to interact with bio dynamically generated organisms, namely fucking users.
Every fucking bit of the process of building a mobile/web application seems to be stopped by yet another incredibly dumb attempt to suicide a developer. Can you go from starting an app and publishing an app without jumping through a thousand VERY specific hoops? No, fuck no.
I fucking hate it… It’s a bit hard to get Desktop dev jobs these days but for as long as I work on IT I will continue to stick to that area, until someone for the love of life comes up with a fucking solution to all this decadent circus of bureaucratic technocracy.
Fuck big industry, fuck tech giants, fuck javascript and webassembly, fuck kids putting ASCII art on console applications that I DON’T FUCKING NEED to install dependencies THAT I DON’T FUCKING NEED to extend functionality on frameworks that I DON’T FUCKING NEED… oh wait, I do need all this because YOU FUCKING MADE IT MANDATORY NOW! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!!!

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    Emma Watson.. interesting...
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    There are good reasons behind that. Coupled with overzealous attitudes and lazy assholes, you get the hell that works everywhere, but nobody wants to work with.

    I guess this is why frontend development is paid among the highest levels today.
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    Coming from .Net desktop & iOS mobile development... walking into web development. Feeling the same way.
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    OMG! You said it!

    I am diving into programming and feel like I never want to touch web! I know desktop-only positions are so scarce these days and it makes me worried :(
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    FINALLY someone who understands me, THANK GOD
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    True Words. I don't have lot of experiences in IT (only 23 years old) but from the desktops apps I made during my school days and the 2 years of Android development I have, I started web development a few months ago and I feel exactly the same.. Frameworks everywhere and nothing straight forward, always needing dependencies to do anykind of work..
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    I LOVE YOU. I think we are soul mates ..i couldnt have said it better!
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    @iNCEPTiON holy shit man, we even look alike...
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    That was me. I had experience with .net desktop back in college. Until I started understanding things and taking baby steps to embrace the evolution. I initially hated js libraries and frameworks until I realised their true value. They revolutionised the way we write JavaScript and I'm glad to witness the transition from the traditional vanilla js to the modern ones. It's either I complain or I up my game.

    BTW. Thanks for tagging emma watson, i would not have seen this rant. :)
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