For what are commit graphs are actually good for? My graph seems a little bit corrupted :D

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    git is a bit strange with merges and the resulting graph, which leads to these 'overtaking' lines.
    Rebase instead of merge avoids this and keeps the graph clean.

    What do you think is wrong with your graph?

    Wanna see a part of one of my projects? Doesn't look better:
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    @ddephor Looks like a Underground plan xD
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    Which is more recommended rebase or merge?
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    @gitpush depends. I rather use merge because it helps keeping track of what happens during development of single feature. With rebase its harder to track given commits if you have to work with the history.
    If you do a pull request, always do a rebase. Get their code and treat yours as 'written after their last commit'. Its easier to the maintainer.
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    @mt3o thanks fo explaining , looks fair for the maintainer part. I'll dig deeper 😀
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