Building games for people to whom the expression "game design" evaluates to "game UI design", which a fancier way to say "a bunch of static slides with arbitrary screenshots"

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    Wait, game design means having ideas like "same as final fantasy, but bigger", right?
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    @CWins you forgot the better looking part.
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    Of course, two guys who never touched Photoshop will beat SquareEnix by far with the power of...inexperience!

    I personally love the abstract part of games (systems, mechanics, formulas) more than the graphical.
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    @CWins so do I, I prefer Diablo II over 3 and RT 2 over RT 3
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    I think D3 is better. What do you think works better in D2?
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    @Codex404 now I think about it, I think D3 is way to colorful for a dark game like diablo. And I liked the classes and skill system better in D2
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