When i hire devs at my company i will treat them exactly the same way i was treated.

At first I'll hire by normal procedures top level engineers so my company can live. And then I'll continue hiring even after all positions are closed. I'll fuck with all the engineers and anyone who wants to work for me by exactly the same way i was getting fucked with by 20+ companies -- I'll drag them around with 3+ interviews over the course of 4+ weeks and even if they fulfill all the requirements and knowledge and skills i require, I'll STILL reject them and degrade their self esteem. Fuck you. I'll fuck you up and degrade you and make you feel worthless -- exactly the same as i was treated.

I'll give them a vague rejection letter, that doesn't explain why they got rejected. Or just make up some bullshit reason for rejection that isn't even true. I'll also wait 2+ weeks additionally until i respond with rejection letter, just to fuck with people even more -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

If they put they have 7+ years of experience, I'll reject them because of not having 8+ years of experience -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

If they answer all technical questions correctly, I'll reject them and tell them I chose another candidate because they fit better -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

If they pass through 4 interviews after 1 month of interviews, I'll give them a positive feedback. And then ghost them with no response -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

On technical interviews I'll ask them some ridiculous questions no one knows and are not related to their job position, and then reject them for not knowing those answers -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

On HR interviews I'll milk the information from them of projects and clients they worked with, and then contact those clients to steal them from him so i can earn money and reject him instead with a vague reason -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

I'll give the developer a whole ass project to develop over the course of 10+ days, and then reject them for a vague reason, and use their source code to sell to my client while developer worked for 0$/hour and i got paid thousands -- exactly the same way as i was treated.

I now LIVE to build a company not because i want to earn money, not because i want to have a company, not because i like engineering (although all of those are true and i want to achieve), but now a NEW top priority goal and REASON i want to have a company -- is so i can be able to abuse innocent people mentally and psychologically. Degrade people. DESTROY their self esteem. I LIVE FOR THIS NOW. I AM FUCKING TIRED OF GETTING TREATED LIKE THIS UNDESERVINGLY AND NOT HAVING THE OPTION TO FIGHT BACK. I WILL NOW FIGHT BACK BY DOING THE SAME THING TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING AND DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR A JOB. I WANT TO CAUSE HARM AND VIOLENCE PSYCHOLOGICALLY.


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    You're better than this plane boii :)
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    @retoor got a bachelors degree? FUCK you. Rejected for not having masters degree.

    Dont have a bachelor's degree? FUCK you. Rejected for not having bachelor's degree.

    Have a PhD degree? FUCK you. Rejected for not having 50+ years of professional experience.

    You have done 20+ projects? FUCK you. Someone else fits better to this position.

    You passed through 2 HR interviews, 1 psychological interview, 2 coding interviews and 1 final technical interview after 1 month of interviews? Great job, I'll give you a positive feedback that you're great. Now FUCK off and get ghosted forever and never be contacted EVER again

    You worked at FAANG? FUCK you. Rejected for not working at Alibaba

    You fulfill all the requirements i need for this job position? FUCK you. Rejected for not traveling in all countries in the world and having north korea residency of 2+ years

    The amount of abuse and rejection ideas keep piling up. I will never stop. I am HIGHLY motivated to abuse people psychologically now
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    @b2plane the north Korea part really made me laugh. But if you bully them, maybe they'll also start their own company like you did and become competition. And if they also bully then... RecursionLimitExceeded
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    @retoor whatever people do i will do my best to make sure they feel like they're NEVER good enough. FUCK them

    So be it. I dont give a fuck if my company goes bankrupt or if someone else becomes my competition or leaves bad reviews about me. I TRULY dont give a FUCK as long as i have the chance to abuse people
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    Salty mofo 😂
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    If that’s what you honestly think, then you are a complete asshole and you deserve how you are treated.
    You make me sick!

    They is no excuse for causing others harm just because you were harmed and the others have absolutely nothing to do with it.
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    @Lensflare you and all of those companies also make me sick. If causing abuse like this is standardized as normal, but not called abuse, then i too will behave exactly like that without anyone calling it abuse. Seems like abuse is only abuse if you call it abuse. So be it. I will behave like that and act as if its normal just like all companies do, so you fucking slaves dont think its abusive
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    @b2plane I'm not saying u can't 'succeed' that way, but the better approach is to treat others the way u want to be treated ;]
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    @We3D i will. But first i have to get my vengeance
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    @b2plane I call it abuse and I do say that how you are treaded is wrong!
    But it doesn’t matter.
    Do you think you need to treat others like you were treated so that it is acknowledged as abuse? Or as revenge? It’s just bullshit.
    It won’t make anything right. You just will harm others for no reason at all.
    You think you were treated wrong? Well you plan to do exactly the same to others.
    I don’t know if you realize how fucked up that is.
    By doing that, you automatically justify everything that was done to you.
    That’s not even funny.
    It’s the most disturbing thing that I’ve read in a while.
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    @b2plane Just to emphasize your fucked up logic:

    If you were abused as a child, then you would later also abuse other children to prove some point or get your vengeance.

    And you would rightfully go to jail for that.

    The only difference here is what you plan to do is not illegal. It just makes you a terrible person.
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    @Lensflare if my arms are tied and i can NOT fight back during abuse, or if there is no justice for how i was abused by companies, then i will create my own justice system by bringing fury and vengeance upon others. Others must feel the same or worse pain and suffering that i had felt. Especially the innocent ones. Because i had been through the same and there was no justice for me. The same MUST happen for A LOT of people. Only then once enough innocent people are abused, perhaps justice will be born and companies will stop abusing people. That is probably not gonna happen soon. So until then, I'll let my fury talk for me
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    @Lensflare instead of saying im the terrible person how about you say all of that to companies who do exactly what i described on a daily basis? No? You scared to call them out? Exactly. Companies have higher power and they dont give a FUCK if they abuse people. That's exactly how i will behave too. Unless this paradigm gets changed, i will not change my behavior towards other innocent people. Fuck them. I dont give a fuck if im a terrible person. I tried being fair and all i got in return was being run over and spat on like a turd. It's time to switch sides and go from the abused into the abuser
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    @b2plane I was about to apologize for what I said about that you deserve it. Because you really don’t. That’s the point. Nobody deserves that.

    But after reading your last comments, I’m not sure anymore. You still don’t deserve it, but you deserve to be pitied and detested for your sense of justice and ethics.
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    @b2plane Btw. Nothing will change that way. On the contrary: You support the current wrongdoing and keep it going.
    You are not fighting the system, you are part of it and you support it. And you don’t even realize.
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    Do they teach victimhood in colleges now? It is always someone else' fault for personal failures. Victim mentality is not taking responsibility for self. Own your shit. People also do shitty things, and will continue to do shitty things. You learn to avoid them as a self protection mechanism.

    Life is about failure and our response to failure. Not learning from those failures is the ultimate fail.

    99% of the jobs I ever applied to ghosted me. That is just the way it is. Job search is not a lottery. It is a perceived value exchange. Assigning motives to employer actions is a sick fantasy. Move on to the next. Don't dwell. I assume you are learning from each experience and taking notes. Not learning is just going to keep getting the same results.

    Becoming what you despise it the ultimate fail.
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    @Lensflare Yes i will rather support it because no one is doing anything to fight it. I am tired of trying to be fair and end up abused. If no one can beat this system then i will join their dark side. I dont ask you to feel sorry for me or to apologize. I am completely self aware of how wrong it is. But i have suffered for way too long by being fair and taking all of the bullshit abuse upon me which has now piled up in memory overflow exception and because of that my morals have been purged and my fury has been installed. I will have no limits of abuse as long as it fulfills my soul. The more i abuse the better i will feel
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    @Demolishun im not playing the victim mentality. Im doing everything right and still being rejected with mostly vague responses or they ghost me. Im not attacking the VERY FEW companies who were fair and i admit i didnt know some questions. Aside from them the majority of others are abusive.

    Right now because im only talking about abusive companies, it may perceive as if im playing the victim here. Im not. Im just talking about the dark side of corporate slave work
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    Sure you may have all the technical chops for a position. Based on what I've been reading, I think you might be rejected because it seems like it'd be tough to work with you
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    and the way to fight it isn't to do the same thing.

    It's to rise above that, succeed by treating people well, show it does work.

    And watch those people that rejected you come begging for work
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    @b2plane you are better than this. We understand your frustrations and I believe I can speak for many of us that we really wish you better times. Don't give up. Eventually - I. Some undetermined future - you will succeed.

    Stay strong .
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    @b2plane is the Ricegum / Jake Paul equivalent of DevRant lol.
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    the entitlement
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    I'll keep saying that if you invested half the time you do writing the nth rant about this into improving your skills/portfolio, you'd actually get better chances next time...
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    Treating others as you were treated is weak-smallpp-energy man. I have seen your others posts, you seem an intelligent dude, don't fall for the "If I suffer others have to" attitude. Mighty republican attitude on my side of the globe, which is in itself small pp energy, we don't do that here, and I know you is better than that
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