Today I feel like a monster.

Due to the optimizations/automatizations I have made to the processes in my job, some low level employees are not longer required.... Ever again.

Their last day of work was yesterday, but I'm still uneasy if this is how life is now. If every job will be removed to be made by machines.

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    You've freed up their time which will now be more valuable doing something else. Nothing to be ashamed of.
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    Do not feel bad, never feel bad.

    We will all be replaced by machines at some point either way.
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    They were first, soon it will be use. Don't be ashamed and make the best out of being able to work and always keep your eyes open so that your skills do not become obsolete
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    Don't feel bad. Electricity replaced steam power and put people out of work; steam replaced treadmills and put people out of work.
    Now computers are replacing people. It's the way of the world. But this new technology will create new markets and opportunities, and with that new jobs will be created.
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    The way I think about it, if all jobs and labor are automated, there is no need for anyone to have them, if no one has them, there is no need/use for currency, no currency, many of the world's problems (food, water, etc.) are solved. Don't think of it as laying people of because they're outdated, think of it as the steps towards a healthy future with peace and love (although possibly controlled by machine overlords...So...)
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    @GhostFish plus there will always be IT
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    In the land of productivity, automation is king.
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    @tmux you think so? Most people gets depressed for not working even with insurance and money from the state (#Norway). Usually no longer than a year before they've gained weight and are bored out of their mind.

    I imagine that many jobs will be automated because we require them to bee, like factories. But at some point there is a chance that we will stop automating just so we have something to do.

    And some things we might never wish to automate, like medical care, or psychology. Due to lack of empathy.

    Or maybe the reason they get so bored is because everybody else is at work when they're not. The future sounds so scary and boring at the same time o.O
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    @RakNoel a very pessimistic view of the future.

    Sadly share it with you.

    Never before so many humans will be removed from work as fast I'm the next few years.

    I never thought of the psicological toll, only I'm the economical one.

    I can't see anything but inequality in the future.

    People adapt so much slower than machines to learn a new trade.

    And even then, if everybody chases careers like IT, saturation of market will inevitably make these jobs to lower income.

    I really hope someone smart to come with a solution on the long run, because i really believe that the current view of everything will become unsustainable in the short run.
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    The free market does not destroy without creating new opportunity somehwere else. But in order to discover what the market creates, we must first be prepared to explore in the dark, to lose sight of the shores, to take a small leap of faith.
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