Got invited to a company party by a friend. I forgot they worked for Comcast. Realized when I got there it was a Comcast sponsored event. Got told on the way not to engage in any anti-Comcast rants at the event.

Couldn't really backout, so went anyway. Feeling guilty, dirty and like a complete sellout.

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    Did I miss something? What's so bad about Comcast?
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    Open a site called Cumcast that's secondary purpose is to satirically rant about Comcast. The first role, well, I'm quite sure you can figure that one out.

    You'd get shit tons of traffic, and get a point across.
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    @ragnarr023 And most likely, a lawsuit.
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    @Gogeta70 why? Its satire... Freedom of speech?
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    @Codex404 When you start using a companies name, logo, ect and are blatant about it, then it'll likely get you sued. (They'd likely be willing to drop it if you drop the site.)

    Now making a site like "cumcast" and mocking it would probably be fine.
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    @jhh2450 making variations on all things, but so everyone knows its about them can be done without problems
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    @Codex404 Ohh I didn't even realize that @ragnarr023 had Cumcast. I initially read it as Comcast. 🤦 His site would likely be 100% fine.
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    At the end of the day, it might not even matter if they can win or if they "should" sue. It's a matter of pressure tactics; a financial siege, if you will, designed to make you suffer and/or create an example. Though, that's just hypothetical banter.
    Cumcast is in no way affiliated with a real company...

    It takes strong will-power to resist that topic at a sponsored event like the OP posted; if you've been paying attention to the NetNeutrality issues recently and during the past number of years.

    Btw, while the first choice for a domain is taken already, there are a number of suitable alternatives, it seems.
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    @ILMostro The thing with NetNeutrality is pretty much the moment it passes (if it even passes), it's going be taken to court. That would then put it on hold until it's ruled unconstitutional and banned. I'm honestly 100% sure it'll be blocked by a federal court if it passes.
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    @jhh2450 I hope you're wrong, but I can't say that I'm certain. Especially since Corporations are people, apparently. :-/
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    @jhh2450 For a while there the top Google image result for the search "Comcast" was a swastika. And for good reason, they are a horrible corporation and the reason the United States is lagging far behind in national internet speeds.
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