I need tips to survive working with a /r/iamverysmart coworker

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    Say dumb things to give him a chance to correct you, and feel smugly superior knowing he fell right into your hands.
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    Try to talk to him without showing you are better and don’t fuel his ego, I know it won’t help or just use FIRE.
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    @chadd17 definitely doing it on my last day of work lol
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    Just remind him that everyone is going to die no metter what, life has no meaning, we weren't born for any reason, no one has any real goal in life, everything is pointless and unnecessary. With his superior intelligence he will get this totally TRUE notion 10x better then a normal people. Everytime he talks to you just some how in som form send some of this messages, he will soon stop being what ever he is trying to be ;)
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    @sam0 We are trying to make him quiet not make him want to kill himself.
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    Fire, that's the key... set him on fire.
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    @codePolitics Heeeeellll yeaaah
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