What the best git client?

For mac I use git Tower which is just amazing but I'm curious as to what other people think.

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    I just use the cli tools
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    Cli snd gui
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    terminal ?
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    Genuine git cli, it will tell you the truth about your repository.
    No messing around with other tools that lack support of many git features.
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    I use Atom or VScode's git integrations when using these text editors, otherwise I use command line, as typing git commands is just as fast as using GUI, but has the added benefit of making muggles afraid of you 😂
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    The CLI, and Magit in Emacs. Much better than *any* Git GUI I've tried.
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    That new GitHub Desktop electron app
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    Try ungit if you have a project with heavy branching and need a graph. It's cross-platform and runs in the browser.

    For everything else, terminal is the way to go.
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    I must admit I do not get why most of you would use cli for git?
    I think for a simple git configuration click is fine, but the minute you use feature branches and have other team members it gets a bit complicated using only cli imo. Which is where I really enjoy using a program like tower that makes something complicated look and feel so easy.
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    cli + sourcetree for huge diff
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