Used sails js for production

Worst decision in my life made me loose 1500$

Fuxking shuld have used laravel....

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    What's the problem with it?
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    Unpredictable Bugs .... had to go through the framework source code, to fix them temporarily.

    Community sucks,
    Waterline ORM is very bad
    Ur data gets vanished
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    Why exactly did it cost you 1500$?
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    @BroCow back in the day, when I was in a team using sailsjs, waterline was removed for sequelize. Gotta fix a hook (in their repo) for M-M relations myself. We faced some problems as well
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    @lostpirate never going back to nodejs for web development again..

    Going to check out phalconphp as @artemix said

    @cr78 the client company asked for refund and damage cost
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    Thank u for the info @artemix
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    @khadez php is very good actually i could run multiple server in a single instance... without hassle
    Also dont have to transpile or restart the server every time u make a change
    And for an sqlite backend db .. php 7 is enough i think.
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    Just found this, thought to share it here

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    You shitting me? I’ve been trying to pick between sails and laravel for this new project. I prefer node over php any day but do you think sails still having major issues in 2019?
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