I often google names for my variables to see if I find a betrer fitting synonym that reads better

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    is there a tool which helps you to find the right variable name and does based on this a documentation?
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    I wish my colleagues would do that.
    It's so annoying if you see a variable, function or classname that has been translated literally with the wrong meaning. And usually it's too late to change it without big effort, once it's been introduced this way.
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    Surely we all had scenarios like these, but still. I had two friends that used the following as variable names:
    - variables with the minimum characters possible: a, b, c, bb, zz, xx.. no matter what they were used for. From cycles to full blown objects; debugging was hell; deleting everything was ideal; he sucked at programming and now plays online poker for a living; great guy to be with, though;
    - variables with dirty words; dick, piss, c*nt..funny to see it in errors, horror to see the boss looking at the code; this guy sucked worse at programming, actually, i still doubt if he should be called a programmer, although he was the senior coder on that company..

    Forgive the long comment rant.
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    Me too, but I use the English Oxford dictionary and I always end up with names like "thyShallCommand()"...
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    And here me, sneaking a pornstar name as variable in every code file i wrote.
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    Oh my god that is an amazing idea!!! I'm going to do that now!
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    Guys let's write a program to generate helpful variable names based on a description written by the dev!
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    @chadd17 you can say that again!
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    Guys let's write a program to generate
    Just kidding
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    Never thought of doing that but it actually sounds like a good idea
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    @Letmecode i read random words, i get bored pretty fast
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    Wait so using variables like f1, f2, f3... And g1, g2, g3, g4 is bad?
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    @playmast3r True
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    Simplified hungarian notation:

    int i, i2;
    string s;
    char c;
    double d;
    boolean b;
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