So my housemate bought a violin. Gone are the days of quiet programming.

(No he is not some kind of virtuoso, even a woodpecker would play it better.)

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    Record it and play it back when he sleeps.
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    @aravindio That's a nice idea, I might do that after the summer
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    my neighbor got an electric guitar. after six months I still can't hear any improvement. and apparently he somehow doesn't manage to just plug it into his pc and use headphones
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    Buy a pair of noise canceling headphones!
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    @haabe Any recommendations?
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    @SZenC I haven't tried anything else but my Bose QuietComfort ones. Sometimes I just put them on, activate the noise canceling and listen to nothing but silence. No music, no radio. Just silence.
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    My mother played. Badly. I'm sorry. There's nothing like having violins spoiled for life.

    Take up drumming?
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