It's a known fact, that all software developers suffers from some kind of OCD.

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    Obnoxious Coworkers Disorder ?
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    @ItsNotMyFault Sadly, despite the best of intentions, it can come across like that.

    But on the OPs point, it's not every developer. Because there are still those who don't have OCD who get properly pissed off at those of us who do.
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    OCD is a mental illness. It has nothing to do with being a developer.
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    @620hun I completely agree. And it's one of those thing people get quite tetchy about because they think making a joke of it in this way downplays its severity. And I can sort of see their point. But like all mental illnesses, it works on a scale.

    It does seem that the nature of programming is such that those prone to it may be more easily triggered in a development environment.
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    function reply() {
    return 'Not me';
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    Mines pretty bad. After work, I go home and write more software. Sometimes I get hungry, but I can't take a break because I already have not been as productive as I want to be because I'm hungry. And I can't clean my apartment because that would take time away from working which I've already been sub-par productivity due to being agitated that my apartment is dirty. You can see how this just goes on and on...
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    @theScientist i think that's because many many people are OCD, but it's not like it's a debilitating thing at this level... it's almost pointless to give it name because it's a regular quality.
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    @theScientist I find it the other way round. It's only debilitating when I'm isolated for months at a time. When I have a roommate or a social life I snap right up, maybe it takes a few weeks at the worst
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    You mean CDO? The letters have to be sorted in an alphatbetical order.
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