I decided to dive into programming by learning C#. Main reason behind it was to avoid the zillions of frameworks and technologies (which scare me) and most importantly dumb client requests. I already have a lot of xp as a designer and working for the web bizz was just UGH!

Nevertheless, I am still wondering if I should pick up some web technologies. I am planning to pick up .NET and C# design patterns next, but what then? Do you think it's smart to focus only on enterprise software development today? I don't mind developing a bigger web-based app or doing server-related stuff either. Everything but startups and developing sites for my cousin's friend's sister hair saloon.

What is the smartest way to go with C# as a starting point in terms of job opportunities?

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    Asp.net core is the hot chick in the town!!! Also you might wanna look at windows universal apps and xamarin (cross platform app development using c#) and all the best!!!
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    This post made me sad panda 🐼 that being said, good on you for getting into programming 😁
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    If you're doing .NET look at F#. It works with the same .NET stuff but is more functional-programming-ish. It can be compiled to JavaScript via a thing called "Fable".
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