I have come to the conclusion that certain people have a tech aura that can fix or break things just by being near them. Apparently I can do both. Have you had a similar experience?

The other day a colleague was trying to play a YouTube video for the class (I work in a primary school) and the page refused to load. After 20m of failed page refreshes they called me. I walked in, sat next to the computer, and before I even touched anything YouTube suddenly appeared on the screen like it was trolling us the whole time. Much to the amazement of the class of kids who bow think I am some kind of tech-witch.

On the flipside - Linux hates me. It always has. Some years ago I decided to force myself upon Linux so I got a friend to install a dual boot on my machine. Knowing the effect I seem to have on Linux he demanded I stay out of the room until he was done. Two hours later and some stability testing later he called me back in to introduce me to my new setup. The moment I walked into the room Linux kernel panicked and never booted again.

If only I could learn to control this mystical power over technological life and death!

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    I've seen both ways, "magical" fixes and seemingly not random crashes.

    I have one client who breaks everything in every considerable way mostly power related. Battery backup new PSUs surge protection it always seems to go up even at various locations and offices. Figure it is the electrical field the body makes.
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    I have the "fix" one, I don't know if it's true or not, but people tend to tell me "I was don't exactly this before and it didn't work"
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    @theScientist I know plenty of programmers with superstitious rituals :-P
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    @theScientist let me be clear, this is tongue in cheek. Of course I don't actually believe I have a magical influence on technology, it is merely fun to muse on.
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    I definitely have the break aura. Never dropped my last laptop or pulled my RAM out once it was in and about 4 months after installation, my RAM stopped working due to physical damage.

    Tried to export a font file from Illustrator to Photoshop after having flattened the image so the drop shadow and text were the same layer: only the drop shadow exported. Friend did the same thing I did and it worked.

    I logged into cloud9 to work on a project, friend's class all got kicked off until I logged out.

    There are more, but i think that's it for today...
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    Been there ... It's an interesting feeling ....when you're mere presence fixes things ...
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    It's called the technical support presence effect. I definitely have it.

    I like to think that when people try to reproduce a problem with you they do pay attention this time and everything goes as it should be.
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    I have the best of luck on software. Sometimes I don't know how to even set up a server and using Google and coffee I do it and my boss is like hey you're awesome. Made a voice assistant this way. Didn't knew shit but with a week of intense research I cracked it but in hardware I'm the most stupid and clumsy man in history. I was fixing my ex girlfriend computer and fried the motherboard of one of her computers and the other the display is black.
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    I used to do tech support for an elderly gentleman, nice guy, but I swear he'd call with a problem, I'd walk in, sit down, and it would just not be there anymore (the problem that is)
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    I experince the same, i come and click on the same as they did i then it works.

    But my car lights dies every 3 month :(
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    I fried a macintosh motherboard playing warcraft 3!!!!
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    Think like a developer.. not a user..
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    Coworker: Dude there's a bug on the webpage the module isn't working

    Me: (approaches computer) Ok let me see (module starts working page is fine}

    Coworker: Huh

    Has happened to me more than once, still can't place why
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