I started watching Silicon Valley some days back. Just finished season-1. I'm fucking sad and pissed off right now... No, don't get me wrong...Silicon Valley is good. I loved it.
Problem is, there is an Indian YouTube series called TVF Pitchers which had almost same story as silicon valley. I loved that series, when I watched it in 2015, after completing that I really was very impressive with the channel because of the originality and very off-the-track plot. Now after watching Silicon valley, I'm fucking sad... THEY JUST FUCKING COPY PASTED IT. yeah, some people with their "courtroom skills" will tell me that no it was different story... Fuck you! It was a copy and that's it. They removed Gilfoyle character and there was no product information in entire series... That was the biggest change in it. But overall it was a copy... A fucking copy.

The problem is they themselves, in their other videos, make fun of our movies/songs because of them being copied... Now, they are fucking doing it on their own.

I know it's not much related to devRant. Sorry about that.

Some times back, I joined a startup and they pitched in their idea as if they created it on their own... Later I found out that the same idea is running in a successful Palo Alto based company. And just like TVF Pitchers, they also used to make fun of an Indian e-commerce startup (a big one) because it was a copy of Amazon... THEN WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!

I don't know, but for some reason I just fucking hate it. Everybody here is busy copy fucking pasting US. They laugh at others, but they are also same... I'm going through Peter Theil's Zero to One.. and the book is making much more sense to me now.

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    It happens a lot. I've found myself dropping shows because it's a direct rip-off of another show I've seen, so I understand the sentiment.
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    @Alt-Grrr yeah, it could be. But then they shouldn't make fun of other directors for doing the same.
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    Yeah I feel you. Fortunately I watched silicon valley before watching TVF pitchers and I caught it right away and did not bother watching past couple of episodes.

    While I can accept blatant ripping off of tv show plots, music, movies to be in extremely low taste mainly due to lack of importance for creativity, What's wrong in copying startup ideas which has worked elsewhere while creating businesses and in turn thousands of jobs? I always shop on amazon and I have my reasons but what flipkart has achieved is nothing short of phenomenal. Creating an Amazon clone in a country with 1.7 billion people whose core ethos are built on buying the cheapest stuff on the market and mostly offline (back in 2007) and sustaining the same for over a decade is absolutely amazing.
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    Watched both tvf sucks
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    I have two points.
    1. No, I'm not against Flipkart. "Give the man credit he deserves."... So I really appreciate what Flipkart has done. They started a culture. What my point was if someone makes fun of other over doing something, they shouldn't do it themselves.

    2. I'm against following path bit by bit. This way, we'll never be able to surpass them. A big load of companies are exact copy paste. I have a theory, that if I keep looking at Google, for things I don't know and keep referring StackOverFlow always, it wont make me a better programmer.
    Since lot of companies are referring US market for idea and pitching it here and investors are investing in it because they have a proof of it being successful, then creativity will die. People would be afraid of experiments, just like me. I'm more against of side-effects of it. It's not sustainable.
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    @thatJavaGuy Yeah TVF are a bunch of hypocrites. They're just plain lazy in coming up with innovative concepts for TV and there's no excuse for it. Look at Rick and morty. There have been lots of Sci-fi cartoons in the past but they still came out with a fresh ass script loaded with mind boggling ideas and concepts.

    My only point has been wrt startups copying ideas. I do agree that innovation would be stunted by copying ideas but imo the pros far outweigh the cons. Like It breeds competition which in turn helps the consumer in having multiple options. And so on and so forth. Moreover the western countries aren't all that innovative as they are made to be. Look at how zuck used Instagram to destroy snapchat using the same features that made snapchat great.
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    @anudroid hmm. That's true. Let's see what time is holding. Why I'm saying that it's not sustainable, because many big players are slowly losing battle to their US counterparts, at their own soil. But, anyway... Time will tell.
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    The characters have been highly inspired from Silicon Valley, but, Silicon Valley is highly technical and about post-startup which deals with problems after launching a startup.

    Pitchers is about the difficulty of launching a startup especially in India, it's barely technical, they didn't even disclose the product.

    Silicon Valley is obviously better in all respects, but, Pitchers can't be called a copy.
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