Asus have now decided that a removable battery is a feature people do not need anymore on a powerful laptop.

My battery or charger had a fit and blew the fuse on my charger and broke the battery, and now I have to send my laptop back because they can't send me a new battery, as replacing it myself would void the warranty.

Please for the love of all that isn't completely retarded, nobody start taking more pages out of Apple's book, even some completely non-technical people could handle changing a battery before, this benefits no one.

To make things worse, I'm on holiday right now and leaving the country for a year a few weeks after I get back, so if they can't get it back to me fast enough, I won't have the laptop for the whole bloody reason I bought it for, just because some smart arse designer has clearly never owned a laptop in their life.

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    I used to love Asus, but they've gone downhill for me. Too many shoddy products, too little software support/updates, and no transparency/communication with customers.
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    i like asus but they need to start with changing their name to something else.. everytime i see the word my first iteration of read driven by instincts is anus and then the second iteration fixes it
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