Hey guys.

This isnt a dev post but i need your help

Jesterday my father (im working for him) send to me a photo of his penis, the receiver of the message was not me, the original receiver was a woman that wasnt my mother so he ssy to me that if i dont say to my mother i gain 5.000 dollars this month.

I dont know what to do

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    Tell your mother. She deserves to know.
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    Send a dick pic to your mother

    Also like do women genuinely enjoy seeing dick pics??? Its just beyond me
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    @hitchhiker42 yes i know but if she wants the break away?
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    @RazorSh4rk its my father dick pic mi mother is shes wife
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    You need to teach your dad how to use email or else the whole world will end up receiving pictures. Don't take the money, as that just creates a corrupt relationship and try to talk to your dad about proper cyber-etiqutte and whomever he is sending his pictures to is probably just a spammer trying to blackmail him anyways. People do stupid things.
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    @robbt lol i think is a good idea
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    Easy solution, take the 5k and then tell your mother. It's a win-win 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Blackmail your dad for money, like monthly, blackmail the other woman for more money (separate from the dad blackmail), feed your mom info on their relationship slowly enough to where that if your mom starts saying stuff to your dad it seems like she's just suspicious, but at a price
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    I would tell your mother. She has a right to know.
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    Your mother has a right to know.
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    After that tell your mother the truth.

    Double punishment + personal bonus

    Ps the second is more important, tell your mother anyway
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    Not sure if trolling or serious
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    @shaji its serious lol
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    @eisterman yeah but its not a personal bonus, its something for his mother howlittle ir may be.
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    @Codex404 is ever a bonus for he and is mother
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